US Youth Soccer
Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the LCS 2018 Fall Youth Outdoor League tournament for the age group.
6U Coed 12 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 Sporting Springfield - Dynamo 0S02-01RBU6-000041   Charles Mantia
 A2 Magic U6 Amarillo 0S11-01RBB13-000006   n/a
 A3 Sporting Springfield - Fire 0S02-01RBU6-000045   Charles Mantia
 A4 Panthers 0S10-01RBB14-000005   Jonathan Benz
 A6 Pandas 0S10-01RBB13-000007   Michelle Morgan
 A7 Magic U5 Amarillo 0S11-01RBB14-000008   n/a
 A8 Sporting Springfield - FC Dallas Red 0S02-01RBU6-000046   Charles Mantia
 A9 Mean Green 0S10-01RBB12-0009   Benjamin Cloud
 A10 Red Dragons 0S10-01RBB12-0004   Brian Thomason
 A11 Sporting Springfield - Sporting KC White 0S02-01RBU6-000042   Charles Mantia
 A12 Gators 0S10-01RBB13-0008   Dylan Nunnery
 A13 Magic U6 Azul 0S11-01RBB13-000007   n/a