US Youth Soccer
Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the LCS 2018 Fall Youth Outdoor League tournament for the age group.
8U Boys 15 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 Sporting Springfield-Earthquakes 0S02-01CB11-0030   Charles Mantia
 A2 Sporting Springfield-Timbers 0S02-01CB11-0038   Charles Mantia
 A3 Magic U8 Boys Caracas 0S11-01CB11-000001   Eduardo Espinoza
 A4 Magic U8 Boys Rio de Janeiro 0S11-01CB11-000002   Eduardo Espinoza
 A5 Hawks 0S10-01CB11-9966   n/a
 A6 FC Legacy 2011/12 Boys 0S07-01RBB11-000007   Marc Mulherin
 A7 Demize Academy 2011 0S03-01CB11-000021   n/a
 A8 Ozark United Boys 2011 0S10-01CB11-9968   n/a
 A9 Republic United SC 2011 Black 0S10-01CB11-9972   n/a
 A10 Republic United SC 2011 Orange 0S10-01CB11-9973   n/a
 A11 LCS Force 2011 Boys 0S10-01CB11-9967   n/a
 A13 Sporting Springfield-Rapids 0S02-01CB11-0039   Charles Mantia
 A14 Springfield Legends 2011 Boys - Black 0S10-01CB11-9969   Joanna O'Connor
 A15 Springfield Legends 2011 Boys - Red 0S10-01CB11-9970   Joanna O'Connor
 A16 DC Raptors 0S10-01CB11-9964   n/a